The Sweet Shop, established in 1980 and located on the harbour in beautiful Tobermory, Ontario, is still producing fine confections the old fashioned way. We use the freshest and finest ingredients to create our gourmet fudges and brittles. Our candy is cooked in copper pots and carefully worked on marble tables to obtain a delectable, creamy texture in our fudges and a crispiness in our brittles. There are faster and less expensive ways to create similar confections but nothing that compares to the old fashioned products that are hand-made daily in our kitchen.


The Sweet Shop has a large selection of ice creams, sherbets and frozen yogurts to fit any taste. Milkshakes, splits and icy cool treats are perfect for those hot summer days. Served by our friendly staff.


Our candy counter has a wide choice of treats to chew, suck, crunch and savour. Everything from our own hand made fudges and brittles to bubblegum and jawbreakers. We also have a selection of bulk candies to choose from to keep your sweet tooth happy.

In 2011, The Sweet Shop expanded its operations and opened The Coffee Shop.  We have more drinks and yummy baking.  Home of Tobermory's best breakfast sandwich, wraps, bagels and other light meals.  Our homemade butter tarts are fan favourites!


The Coffee Shop has a something for everyone.  We have herbal teas, coffees, ice caps and slushy Lemonade.


Join our Coffee Club and save on coffees, teas or hot chocolates.


Try one of our specialty coffees like Espresso or Cappuccino. We have a wide selection of freshly brewed, gourmet coffees: Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Caramel Crunch or Bavarian Chocolate.  Or add a flavour shot from our wide selection.


The Coffee Shop also has gift baskets, coffee and tea accessories.


Our fudges and brittles are available at more than 20 different locations around Ontario. Call us at 1-800-GO-FUDGE for a location near you.


The Sweet Shop

18 Bay Street

Little Tub Harbour

Tobermory, Ontario

N0H 2R0

The Coffee Shop

20 Bay Street

Little Tub Harbour

Tobermory, Ontario

N0H 2R0


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Little Tub Harbour,Tobermory, Ontario

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